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In March of 2009, Billy Meiners, Casey Morrow, David Mitchell, and me (Jon Huey) went on a week long skateboarding road trip to Southern California from Portland, Oregon.

We skated skateparks along the way, stopped at some spots in San Francisco, and then made our way to Ridgecrest, CA for the third annual Danny Connor's Birthday Race. After the Saturday of fun at the race, we headed back to the LA area in a convoy including some guys from New Mexico (David Price, David Angelus, and James West Jr. among others). We hit up some hills on our way to LA including a possible location for a legit race to be organized by Danny Connor next year.

Once in LA, we hit up GMR and MAlibu hills as much as possible with Kevin Reimer, James Kelly, and Louis Pilloni. Soon enough, we drove up the coast back to Portland, hitting up many more skateparks along the way.

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Here is a link to the video we made of the trip