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All of those who attended that weren't from Salem had no idea what Salem had to offer for steep hills. If you have ever been to Salem, you would know it's flat, as a pancake. But, there is a ridge in the distance and it is the hilly burbs. Not too bad at all. The pavement was quality and the skate gods shined sun upon us.
David Mitchell, Salem local showed us whats up with the hills in his area. We checked out three different spots and that was enough for some to get hurt. I know Mike Benda rolled his ankle at the second hill.
He had drove in with Graeme Badner the late night and they were already tired. Graeme had both knees cut up since he wasn't wearing knee pads. Everyone participating voted for three people they thought performed the best. 1st Graeme 2nd Jed Johnson 3rd Benda. The last shot shows the podium. But, you be the judge!

Check out pdxdownhill if you wanna see the little write up and a picture of me captured by Nick Harris.
Huey_SalemStyle_5872Ryan through some fat stand-ups on a top mount.Huey_SalemStyle_5999Huey_SalemStyle_5806Huey_SalemStyle_5807Huey_SalemStyle_5808-1Huey_SalemStyle_5810Huey_SalemStyle_5834Huey_SalemStyle_5841Huey_SalemStyle_5847Huey_SalemStyle_5859Graeme analyzes his wounds.Huey_SalemStyle_5880Huey_SalemStyle_5881Huey_SalemStyle_5885Huey_SalemStyle_5886Huey_SalemStyle_5888Huey_SalemStyle_5893Huey_SalemStyle_5895